The beautiful aerial photograph of Poultney was provided by Poultney’s own Alan Nyiri.

The Downtown Poultney WiFi district was made available through funding by eVermont: The Community Broadband Project! Thanks to T. Belisle of Woodstock, Vermont, for showing us the way! See more about eVermont, their contributions, sponsors and many partners by clicking here!

Thank you to the businesses hosting the WiFi “Repeaters,” Cafe Dale, DeBonis, Wright & Carris P.C., and Williams Hardware! Also thank you to the Poultney Broadband Committee, the Town and the Poultney Public Library!

In 2010, Poultney was selected as one of 12 pilot towns to participate in the e-Vermont Community Broadband Project. As a result, we have benefited from the expertise and resources of e-Vermont’s statewide partners as they help residents design ways to take full advantage of the Internet to create jobs, drive school innovation, provide social services, and increase civic involvement.

To-date, Poultney has received the following from e-Vermont and its partners:

  • 6 Netbooks for public use at the Poultney Public Library
  • Technical assistance to local businesses from the Vermont Small Business Development Center
  • 2 broadband-business workshops from the Vermont Small Business Development Center
  • 2 broadband-home workshops from Vermont State Colleges
  • 56 Netbooks for Poultney Elementary School’s 5th & 6th Graders
  • 2 repeaters and an access point to form the Poultney WiFi district

e-Vermont is produced by the Vermont Council on Rural Development. Updates are posted at www.vtrural.org or contact Project Director Helen Labun Jordan at 802-225-6091 or Helen@vtrural.org.